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Pushkar is one of the oldest sites of India, the date of its foundation is unknown. He speaks even in the Ramayana. In the seventh century Pratihara Raja Mandore, it did restore the lake formed by the river Luni doing ghat built on three sides of the water and renovate the old buildings around. The essay Parasara claims to be born herFesta Camel Bikanere and to have founded the order of the Brahmins that bear his own name in Pushkar. These Brahmins are taking care of the temple of Jeemnata for over a millennium.

Pushkar Tour – Ruby Holidays

There are many legends about the birth date of the fair in Pushkar almost all related to Brahma. Fantasy is clear across the board, the fact is that, for the past many years in February, takes place this very interesting event and followed by all the surrounding tribes who gather here to celebrate Brahma. They come from every corner of Rajasthan with their herds to swap, sell or buy as others. Meanwhile, during the days of the fair, held horse races, dances and religious ceremonies always crowded with people. All very interesting events ending with the last day when Pushkar returns to a small town in the south east of Rajasthan on hold the following year when it will again be a hyper center handled. In fact, during the fair, they are mounted tented camps specifically to accommodate tourists because the town’s facilities are not sufficient to accommodate all the visitors. Who has the opportunity to participate in this event if you let him get away, it is certainly worth it!viaggio-rajasthan


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Ruby Holidays come operatore turistico è riconosciuto ufficialmente dal Governo Indiano, e da oltre trent’anni organizza tour nei luoghi più famosi del sub-continente indiano sia dal punto di vista storico che culturale e religioso. Il nostro target è di rendere quanto più possibile interessanti ed emozionanti i viaggi che proponiamo senza trascurare il confort necessario a rendere un tour nel nostro Paese veramente indimenticabile
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