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viaggi-nepalBhaktapur is a very old city and is located in the east of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is also called Bhadgaon or Khwopa. It has a population of around 80,000 inhabitants and was founded by King Ananda in the 12th century. Characterized by a form of triangle, its top three temples were built in honor of the god Ganesh, patron of the city. For many years this city dominated political and economic across Nepal. Because of the invasion of Ghorka he lost this role as dominatrix .. Today the city is recognized by UNESCU and is one of the most visited archaeological sites throughout Nepal. There are many attractions to visit such as the Palace of 55 windows that was done would build the 15th century by King Yakshya. The most historic part is surrounded by numerous temples pagoda, the pagoda most famous is that of Nyatapola which was built in 1702 by Bhupatendra and dedicated to the goddess mother of Tantra. It was chased restored with the help of a German project. This is the city of the Hindu religion, important Nyatapolacenter of pilgrimage, in fact every year many worshipers and tourists who come here to pray or to visit the many religious temples. The autumn is the most dense of the faithful and tourists. Here we speak the ancient language Newari, especially the elders of the city, and soon the Nepalese. The city of Bhaktapur is also famous for the excellent quality of its yogurt.

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Ruby Holidays come operatore turistico è riconosciuto ufficialmente dal Governo Indiano, e da oltre trent’anni organizza tour nei luoghi più famosi del sub-continente indiano sia dal punto di vista storico che culturale e religioso. Il nostro target è di rendere quanto più possibile interessanti ed emozionanti i viaggi che proponiamo senza trascurare il confort necessario a rendere un tour nel nostro Paese veramente indimenticabile
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